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English magazine

журнал англиийский

What to do when you open an English magazine, lovingly brought from a foreign country, and understand nothing?
🖍Do not panic! Choose an article no bigger than a page
🖍Read the title and look at the picture. It often helps to guess the topic
🖍When reading, take a bunch of markers and highlight! Divide colors into categories (unfamiliar words/most repeated phrases, etc.)
🖍Don’t highlight everything! Focus only on words which interfere with understanding of the basic meaning. You can also choose one one category (phrasal verbs or abbreviations) that you will mark
🖍After reading, translate words that interfere with your understanding. Now scan the text again. Is it better now?
❗One condition — choose magazines that you’re interested in. Why waste your time on business articles if you don’t read them in Russian?
By the way, what’s your favorite topics to read about? I’ll be glad to read your answer in the comments!

No perfectionism!


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